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The Melrose Housing Authority is proud to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing to residents of Melrose. Under the leadership of our 5 member Board of Commissioners we currently assist over 550 households through our Public Housing, and Rental Assistance Programs. The MHA has played a vital role in providing affordable housing and resident services to Melrose’s low-income residents, the disabled, seniors, and families. We continue to ensure that the daily needs of our properties, and residents are met with honor, integrity, and accountability.

MHA Latest News

Proposed Preferences applicable to the Levi Gould and Fuller House Projects

The MHA has an elderly preference for PBV programs in its two projects in addition to the preferences applicable to the HCV Program.  Thus, the preferences applicable for Fuller House and Levi Gould are as follows:


  • First preference to applicants who are Elderly Melrose residents and veterans.
  • Second preference to applicants who are Elderly and Melrose residents.
  • Third preference to applicants who are Elderly and veterans.
  • Fourth preference to applicants who are Elderly
  • All other eligible applicants by date and time of application, and in accordance with adopted HUD regulations as they may exist from time to time.


Within these groups families will be selected by date and time of application.  Definitions and verification for these preferences is set forth previously in this administrative plan.